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I spam because I care


It's the frequently-seen beast of Merky's Righteous Politicky Fury. *soapbox*

Dear NBC Bay Area,

I was deeply disappointed in this evening's coverage of Obama's new tax plan. Your choice to ask one wealthy old white dude what he thought about paying more taxes is everything that's wrong with our national dialogue about social assistance programs and progressive fiscal policy.

I'm not just saying it was a lazily done story. I also think it's actively harmful to little old things like the truth. That old white dude's stance on higher taxes is the same lame story we've been hearing since the term "welfare queen" was coined: Lazy stupid people do lazy stupid things and stupidly expect the government to hand out money regardless. Meanwhile, hardworking Americans work hard for the hard-earned money they earn.

The truth tells a slightly different story. Social assistance programs are shrinking. The last significant legislation that addressed the needs of the poor was the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, and that eroded government aid to the poor rather than supplementing it. America's income gap is growing. The version of reality put forward by the wealthy man you interviewed-- that these days folks just feel so entitled to stuff-- is a seductive myth that allows people with money to feel morally superior about holding onto as much of it as possible.

If you'd like to refute any of this, at least come up with a plausible alternative hypothesis and back it up with facts. (Or start small: even one fact. Google it. Wiki it. I don't want to strain you.) Don't put some old white dude on your show to talk about "how he sees the world."

Because last time I checked, one man's ability to shape all reality was known as solipsism.

*end soapbox*


Sep. 19th, 2011


1. Late to the Harry Potter AU party, death vision Hufflepuff Ava!

2. You all need this in your lives. All of you.

Harry Potter as an anime.

You're welcome.

3. Mr. Perfect still likes me. <3__<3

4. I may have found a Kushiel sorting quiz. AND IMMEDIATELY TRIED IT ON A MESS OF MY CHARACTERS.

Ava, unsurprisingly --> Mandrake
Puck --> Jasmine (it was that or Orchis)
Clarice --> despite her quiz result, I think she would be most comfortable as a boy-in-disguise Cassiline brother
Matt --> .... Valerian

I'm not writing him into Valerian. COME ON, HE'S A SEXUAL MYSTIC, PUT THIS MAN IN GENTIAN. Do we never see anything from Balm and Alyssum because they're so freaking boring?

Yrstrly, in the shocker of the century, got Eglantine, aka the house with all the tumblers and singers.

I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it

As I said last night to adiva_calandia:

for me it's like,

sadomasochistic fashionista sex-positive intrigue politics superspy TATTOO


some impressions and liveblogging happen hereCollapse )

So yeah. I am delight. :D
And now for something COMPLETELY different.

As a birthday present to myself, I want a new corset! The one I have is red and I get tons and tons of use out of it, but I would really like another one that satisfies two specific requirements:

+ Could be part of my Victorianesque steampunky Halloween costume. Purchased items include: burgundy ruffle taffeta skirt, white frilly blouse, tiny cornflower blue tophat with feathers.
+ Is "casual" enough (through fit or fabric, my current favorites are some combination of underbust and pinstripes) to wear out dancing.

At the moment, my far and away favorite is this number from Etsy. So help me out here: Do I want it??

In the pro column, it's pretty inexpensive as these things go, I can customize it to a certain extent (and plan to talk to the shop owner about my in-between waist). What's appealing about the design is that it has the underbust aspect, but also the structural security of the leather strap.

In the con column, I am not a fan of the back. It looks really unpolished compared to the front. It's possible I could fix it by replacing that ribbon with a less distracting material?

Also, if anybody has any recommendations, that'd be super helpful! I've already eyed Clockwork Couture, but have mmmmostly decided against. I may also venture to the local corset shop ... possibly tomorrow, but if not then, definitely Friday.

is it ever gonna be enough

I have not been able to fall asleep.

Hence, first poem in months. For those of you who weren't aware that La Casa de Merc is currently a 24/7 rape crisis center, warnings for themes of sexual violence/sexual assault do apply. I wouldn't call anything under the cut graphic, per se, but the metaphor isn't prettifying.

What it says on the tin under the cut.Collapse )

eta: Writing this, as well as calling a 24/7 hotline for survivors and their friends/family and talking to the nice girl there, have both made me feel relieved and calm in a way I wouldn't have thought possible. I think I can sleep now.

I always run free


I am incredibly excited for my D*C attending friends! I actually COULD HAVE GONE this year, but didn't discover it until WAY TOO LATE. I hope you all have fun at nerd Vegas.

That said ...

Anybody not going to D*C want to hang out this weekend? On the internet? And like, RP some? I have no wireless until Tuesday, but I am so all about hanging out in the apartment business center (orrr the cafe down the block) and nerding out.

it's poetry in motion

Unnnnnnnpopular opinion time:

I saw Doctor Who for the first time yesterday, somewhere in S5 and S6 (I saw "Blink" and "Let's Kill Hitler" and "A Good Man Goes to War"?). And while it's undeniably a well-written show with interesting characters-- love Mr and Mrs Pond foreverrrrr-- I did not enjoy the sensation of my brain being twisted into a pretzel. Time travel has too many implications!

Also I hated that reveal. Sooooo so much.

eta: now with the unsurprising addition of spoilers in the comments!


This icon still not angry enoughhhhhhh.

Okay internet it's 2 pm and LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY DAY!!!

9:30am: Roll into new apartment to supervise the move-in, discover that the tacky wall-to-wall carpeting is wet in most places due to last-minute cleaning. Get told by movers that we can't move in until Monday.

10:30am: Enter BATTLE OF WILLS with odious red-faced apartment manager, who unctuously attempts to get us to move in regardless of the damp, potentially under the assumption that the 22-year-old in the miniskirt is easy to boss around and doesn't understand the concept that water warps furniture and creates mold on carpets. THINK AGAIN.

Survive this only by acting cute and puzzled. "Oh ACTUALLY, I think my father DIDN'T want us to move the furniture in under these circumstances, gosh it's such a shame, see you Monday!" Return to aunt's apartment to wait out the weekend.

11:30am: Discover that the wireless at aunt's apartment is busted, meaning it is impossible to resolve the ... four unhappy-customer issues that have arisen on eBay. Also impossible to resolve: the 7,600ish Virgin America points I tried to use to book a flight that MYSTERIOUSLY VANISHED, my failure to make the website for a dance event do what I tell it.

12:25pm: Give up on the wireless. Take long walk. Arrive at Peets for an hour of wireless.

1:25pm: "Welcome to Virgin America customer service. The average wait time is between 59 minutes and 1 hour, 29 minutes."


Today can turn into a flea and get put in a box that gets put in another box so I can mail it to myself and SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER.

eta 2:25pm: Accidentally hang up on Virgin America. "Current hold time is between 1 hour 35 minutes and 2 hours 24 minutes."

you can't find her, you can't find her

NATURALLY, despite the multitude of fic I owe, the first I write is random fairy hijinks mini-fic for the Merc's-kryptonite isurrendered show Fae, about an exiled family of fairy royalty and their usurpers. It kind of feels to me like a cross between Dresden Files and Arrested Development, in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY.

I really want to write fic about Oliver the littlest fae prince and his struggles at human school, but in the meantime: The Time That Robert's and William's Sisters Figured Out They Were Totally Dating.

Featuring fairy princess baristas, gay intrigue, and the beginning of an uneasy alliance.Collapse )
Nearly 2,000 words whaaaaaat.

gotta make my mind up

I am typing all this up so I actually finish these things! Projects!

blue vintage dress: sew bottom ruffle, sew sleeve lace, add new buttons (?), maybe make a belt with leftover fabric
status: DONE. I decided to keep the original buttons after all.

caramel vintage maxi: hem
status: beautiful!!!

t-shirt alteration: sewbroider the words from what I've tasted of desire/I hold with those who favor fire
status: shirt, thread and beads are all picked out; I have successfully tested my needlepoint legibility

mustard pencil skirt: I can't even tell what ripped or how to fix it
status: mom?

t-shirt alteration: I'm Just A Bill t-shirt dress
status: I have front top fabric and back top fabric, plus belt area fabric, but ... not enough skirt fabric.

don't you want me baby

I am reading The Call of Cthulhu and Other Tales, basically a Lovecraft short story compilation.

If I had to summarize all of Lovecraft so far, I would say:

OH SHIT SON, it's a bas-relief.

This looks like a job for antiquarians.

we don't need to go together

Thought of the day:

If I had a tumblr, it would be fuckyoumodcloth and it would have all the things I've either made or bought heavily discounted that Modcloth sells on its website. (Just recently, the list goes on and on but includes Seychelles Cuckoo sandals, my black symmetrical skirt, my red twirly dress, and a headband I altered so it has a blue velvet rose on it.)

I know, I KNOW, I once had great affection for Modcloth, but their overpricing! Their weird obsequious customer service reps! The fact that somehow almost everything they sell falls apart! The fact that they're ALL OVER FACEBOOK.

... I still buy their stuff, but only when I can't figure out the brand and therefore get it somewhere else.

Anybody want to rec me fashion blogs? I can't find my favorite, which was the French girl ...? copinggoggles can you hook me up?

mama loves mambo

1. New life plan: Only apply for jobs that I can get via nepotism. Ignore the other ones. Help my parents sell their stuff this summer, try to write, try to work out, cook, blog about cooking, FANFIC. Try to ignore the terrible looming prospect of sharing a room with my little sister for 9 months this fall.

2. Better Off Ted is the greatest show ever. My brother and I have been watching it for the past 24 hours. How many seasons were there???? Also I 'ship Ted/Veronica so hardcore in all its bantering friend-with-benefits glory. OH MY GOD THE HORNET PERFUME EPISODE.

3. I went on vacation to Portland and was supposed to dance and hang out with friends. I was completely miserable in every way and came home early. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, BITCHES.

you gotta look first before you go

In the past 24 hours, I have applied to be a

+ shop girl
+ shop girl at the shop next door (ok I haven't handed off that resume/cover letter yet BUT THEY'RE PRINTED OUT, IT COUNTS)
+ office manager at an eating disorder clinic

In the meantime, I am desperately seeking passion fruit. No matter what else, I can always be an impoverished bakeblogger.

... Eventually someone has to hire me, right?

i will be so embarrassed about this later

I started out three people from the stage, but thirty minutes into the Mountain Goats' set, my back began to kill me and I went to sit down. The next half hour was amazing, until my lack of having eaten dinner caught up with me and I went in search of food ... in time for the kitchen to close. I SHOULD HAVE taken the dude up on his offer to tell him what I wanted and he would "see what he could do," but I didn't want to be any trouble so instead I paid for a brownie sundae and did not get my freaking brownie.

For some reason, this has ruined my evening. Two bucks' worth of pastry. I did not even finish the stupid sundae because it was only vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. Why does my phone want to correct syrup to striptease?


i like pop, i like soul

Today it was sunny and 87 degrees and beautiful in every way, and I put on big sunglasses and a tiny dress and my Harajuku Lovers wedges and bought an ice cream bar.

... But then I had to spend five hours in the office while my supervisor kvetched about how much she hates this weather. I then did data entry on a topic that has nothing to do with my job description!

Now, however, the sun is setting gloriously, my cute cardigan is perfect for evening, and I am waiting for Lindy Boy and friends to show up for the Mountain Goats?

So. I guess today can be a win.
A bad night with boys (getting vaguely upset at Lindy Boy and then lying about it when he asked, because that didn't at all fix it but did make me feel safe, AWW YEAH WHO'S WINNING AT FEELINGS) led to a bad night of quasi-insomnia, which led to greatness because I reread a ton of old Puck threads.

Some things I had forgotten, but rediscovered and they made me cry with laughter:

1) Puck's total, shameless manipulation of people's sentiment, actual or perceived
2) Puck's habit of acting like he was going to sleep with people AND THEN JUST LEAVING. This was a thing! He did it at least three times I can remember off the top of my head!
3) Puck's total misunderstanding of modern mortal relationships. Luckily, he and Lilly have managed to circumvent that with
4) Lilly's being totally awesome all the time in every way. Her one-liners reduced me to fits of giggles. Also, Puck-Lilly is at all times priceless:

"You have a sugar daddy, Puck. That's kinda awesome."

Puck blinks.

He's picturing Havelock as a pillar of sugar.

I also COMPLETELY FORGOT I ever wrote the line "I personally shall rest better in Havelock's bed if" in regards to Puck not wanting Lilly to go looking for Blodwen.

Jun. 11th, 2011

Can someone please tell me exactly HOW MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN THE WALLS OF THIS OPERA HOUSE???

By my current count, it's somewhere between three and WAY TOO MANY.

In the last ten pages or so this book boarded the train to Crazy Town and never looked back.

paint my toes and twirl

I am halfway through reading The Phantom of the Opera.

OFFICIALLY THE MOST TERRIFYING THING I HAVE EVER READ. Erik has a serial killer dungeon complete with happy-family doorless room! He displays misogyny! SERIOUSLY HOW DOES HE HAVE FANGIRLS.

Raoul is emo as fuck and a little entitled but I kinda forgive him, man.

ready for a talk-talk, cobbers

Here are my impressions of The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress!

1. Mike is delightful. These lines were undoubtedly my favorite in the book:

"I'd like to do it [launch rock missiles at Earth] every day. It's a word I never had a referent for before."
"What word, Mike?"
"Orgasm. That's what it is when they all light up."

Sadly, Mike is too puppyish for GLaDOS; she would kick his ass.

Cut for ... spoilers? FREE LUNA. Also point two is long-winded political rambling.Collapse )

I just have a lot of feelings.

the moon is a harsh mistress


I can't tell what you're up to yet, Robert Heinlein, but for now you're on notice.

she's not broken/she's just a baby

Inception was a pretty good movie that I happened to just see for the first time tonight. :D


Rec me fic?

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